Where can I purchase Benen Industries products?

BENEN Industries products are available online through our website www.benen.com, or you can find our products at any Authorized BENEN Industries dealer/distributor in your area. Please visit our DEALER page to locate dealer near you or contact BENEN Customer Service at (510) 353-1021 or contract us for additional help locating a dealer.

How do I become an authorized BENEN Industries dealer?

BENEN Industries strictly works with wholesale distributors throughout the world. If you re interested in becoming a wholesale distributor, please contact our sales department at (510) 353-1021. All dealers listed on our website do offer wholesale programs as well, so you are welcome to contact our distributor in your area for more information.

Do you offer sponsorships?

BENEN Industries does sponsor vehicles that fit our overall marketing plans for the year. At this time we do not offer any monetary sponsorships. Please submit a complete sponsorship proposal to our team by email for consideration.

How do I know if my tow hook is authentic BENEN?

All BENEN Industries Tow Hooks have limited edition serial numbers laser engraved into the tow hook. If you have bought a Tow Hook and are questioning the authenticity of the product, please contact our office for further information. To avoid buying fake products, we advise you to buy from an Authorized BENEN Industries dealer/distributor.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?
Yes, our warranty program is outlined on the support page. BENEN Industries warranties products that meet our set criteria of being a manufacturer's defect. The product in question must have been purchased from a Authorized BENEN Industries Dealer/Distributor within the last 15 months with proof of purchase. As the warranty is non-transferable, you must be the original purchaser to claim a product for warranty.

Still have questions?
Contact BENEN Industries Customer Support at (510) 353-1021 or email us at info@benen.com.